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2008 Johnson, Chloe, The Wire, Portsmouth, NH, “Some pieces stand out (such as)…Patricia Schappler’s larger-than-life charcoal with mascara and foundation as media.  It’s a privilege to view such variety of creative endeavors coming out of the Greater Seacoast.”
2008 Reeves, Cynthia, Juror’s Statement from show catalogue, “The harsh markings and seemingly wild energy of the mixed media drawing, ‘His Choice’ by Patricia Elliott Schappler, belie the true tenderness and directness of how the artist has rendered her subject.”
2008 Bryant, Ann, The Seacoast Online, Oct 2, 2008, "First prize went to Patricia Elliott Schappler for her acrylic painting titled "Heading Downtown."  An untraditional, urban landscape, this piece draws your eye to the bottom and into the background, the motion like water down a drain, inevitably through the green light and down the street.  Reflective glass and familiar industrial shapes make this fun to look at.
2007 Bryant, Ann, The Seacoast Online, February 8, 2007, “Oh!  And make sure you look in the box to the left of Patricia Elliott Schappler’s “Passage.”  That’s all I’ll say...”
2005 Grimm, Ellen; the Sunday Nashua Telegraph, February 6, Image and Review of “Grace.”  “Grace’ is a luminous painting.(using) thick layers of paint, giving the image a certain heft and richness...Schappler seems to want to pull us in close...”
2005 www.keene.edu/tsag, Image of “Elan.”  “In this large, gutsy piece, Schappler seems to capture all of the emotion of her young subject in a fluid manner without struggle,” explains Dye.
2004 Grimm, Ellen; The Nashua Telegraph, p. F1,(Image and review of “The Children”) “Among the few figure paintings in the show is “The Children” by Patricia Schappler, a striking portrait of three pre-teens sitting poolside against a backdrop of rose vines...Schappler heightens colors so that light and shadow have almost sculptural heft and form...Schappler captures the children’s individuality while avoiding the pitfall of idealizing them.”
2003 McKown, Rich; Art New England, August/September, p. 32, (Review of the Lassonde Show, Portsmouth, NH) “Only three artists produced innovative works...Patricia Schappler’s lush painting/collage In the Garden of Eden, flows easily between it’s three panels.”
2003 Grimm, Ellen; The Nashua Telegraph, September 14, p. F1 (Image and review of “Madrigal”) “In Madrigal, Schappler has created a walk-in collage painting... of a forest scene, with slender trees and branches slung like cables...in some areas she seems to have caught the very moment that falling leaves settle on the ground.”
2003 Grimm, Ellen; The New Hampshire Sunday News, January 26, (Image of “Kimono”) “There is quiet mischief at work in Patricia Schappler’s “Kimono,” a dramatic triptych painting-collage...On one side (of the garden) is a burst of flowers, barely contained...with a kind of sinuous energy.  Even some of the shadows seem alive, as if on the verge of crawling off into the thicket...this is no ordinary garden...”
1999 Craven, Robert; Art New England, April/May, (NHAA 52nd Exhibition review.)  “Another commanding image is Patricia Schappler’s massive pastel-on-paper triptych “IN the Land of Giants”.  The glowing colors, deep volumes, foreshortening, dynamic shadow effects, and gestural immediacy of this family portrait lend it a baroque quality of spiritual immediacy...”

The Bottom Line, Bentley College Campus Paper, (Image of “The Gathering”) “Artist Patricia presents pastel paintings and mixed media drawings ...that include kaleidoscope wheels of vast and bright color...”


Fuld, Alice; Keene Sentinel, (Image and review of “The Unfoldings”) “Take for example, Unfoldings, two large, bold drawings...it was handsome enough, skillfully done, but, in this case, a second closer look revealed a lot.  First of all, the work was in layers. Some of the figures were composed of one layer over another, neatly meshed so that viewed from afar they appeared to be on one level.  In addition the artist had scrawled barely legible written messages in pencil all over the drawings... something was going on in this work, a tale was being told, that I’d missed...”


Jones, Cynthia; In (Schappler's) drawing "In My Garden There Grows", she has combined graphite, pastel and charcoal groups of Michaelangelo-sized figures in various poses from which eminate a sense of massive strength... Unguarded, enigmatic features inspire a feeling of secretly entering a garden scene. (Schappler) deftly combines reality with symbolism in a vista that shows her ability to capture, with the simplest of the artist tools, life's sturdiness."

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